Winter Skin Care Tips for Kids

Winter weather, and all that comes with it, can be extremely stressing for newborns and toddlers’ skin. It does not mean you need to keep your kids indoors. Let them burn off some energy outdoors, but first be smart and protect their skin. Consider these tips for keeping your young one’s winter skin replenished, refreshed, revived and safe.

1. Dress for the Cold
The foundation for protecting your child’s skin is dressing them properly for the weather. Dr. J. Mark Jackson, a board-certified dermatologist for Forefront Dermatology suggests dressing your child with a hat to keep them warm, insulated gloves to protect against frostbite and a scarf to keep your child’s face and lips from becoming dry and irritated.

2. Apply Sunscreen
For many parents, sunscreen is the last thing they think about putting on their children in the middle of winter. It is important to remember that the sun shines year round and is needed every day, not just on beach days. UV rays reflect off the snow, so outdoor activities like sledding and skiing puts your child at an increased risk of UV exposure.

3. Use Moisturizer Regularly
Moisturizer is a must if you want to keep your child’s skin healthy in winter. Dr. Jackson suggests applying a thin layer of moisturizer after their baths within about 3 minutes and before putting on pajamas. Even if your child’s skin does not look dry or flaky, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t itch or feel uncomfortable.

4. Invest in a humidifier
Turning the heat on in your home can make the air very dry. Investing in a humidifier for your child’s room and running it at night will add moisture to the air. This added moisture will help prevent dry, itchy skin, dry throats and nosebleeds. You may also add a humidifier to your heating system which can help increase the moisture in the air coming from the furnace.

5. Limit Bath time
Over-washing can contribute to dry, chapped skin during the winter months especially if you are not applying moisturizers immediately afterwards.

Skin Struggles?

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