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If you’re searching for a board-certified dermatologist in New Lenox who is compassionate and caring, look no further than Premier Dermatology. We have a premier group of community-based dermatologists, physician assistants and team members. Our elite team of dedicated medical professionals works collaboratively to ensure that every patient receives expert care and undivided attention.

Your Body’s Largest Organ Deserves the Greatest Care

Here at Premier Dermatology, our medical team is results-focused and we make your skin’s health our top priority. When you come to our office, we’ll immediately begin a partnership with you to develop your personal treatment plan. We offer a comprehensive array of medical dermatology services to choose from and will recommend the treatments that will best meet your individual care requirements.

At Premier Dermatology, our medical and surgical dermatology services are stellar. We understand patients’ unique needs, including those of kids. While all of our dermatologists treat children, we strive to provide kids with special attention, so we have a dedicated, board-certified pediatric dermatologist in the office who cares for children from birth to adolescence.

We personalize our patients’ treatment to provide the care they need, and never prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology, bringing first-rate skin care to everyone in the community.


Thorough Skin Evaluations, Accurate Diagnoses and Tailor-Made Treatments

No matter your skin care needs, whether you seek treatment for acne or need your annual skin check, we have a board-certified dermatologist in New Lenox who is ready to provide you with exceptional, individualized care.


High-Quality Medical Treatment for all Your Skin Care Needs

Premier Dermatology is home to an exceptional team of dermatologists with decades of education and expertise in top-quality skin care. At our practice, you’ll find a board-certified dermatologist in New Lenox with the highest qualifications, who will conduct a comprehensive examination, provide a diagnosis and offer treatment options for a breadth of conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails.

A full-body exam is recommended once a year from your dermatologist to perform an annual skin check. Early detection is a critical factor in reducing your skin cancer risk and you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist immediately if you experience any of these signs including redness, itchiness, pigment changes or if you notice changes in the shape, color, or size of a mole. An exam from one of our dermatologists for precancerous and cancerous lesions will allow you to find treatment as soon as possible at our trusted New Lenox Premier Dermatology practice.

Cosmetic dermatology 

Top Services you can Trust Us to Treat

Premier’s dermatologists at New Lenox are knowledgeable and proficient specialists who can treat a breadth of conditions. They also treat specific conditions, such as eczemapsoriasisrosaceaskin allergies and warts with UV phototherapy. There are also a variety of treatments offered for any common or more complicated acne concerns as well as skin cancer exams for examining concerning moles and other irregularities. Our trusted dermatologists are experts at providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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Premier Dermatology in New Lenox is dermatology at its finest

At Premier Dermatology in New Lenox, we firmly believe you should have convenient access to the all-inclusive care we provide. That’s why you can expect to get an appointment within days of contacting us, instead of having to wait weeks for your visit.

We’re conveniently located inside Silver Cross Hospital at 1890 Silver Cross Boulevard, Suite 505 in New Lenox, IL. To reach our office, please enter through Pavilion A on the fifth floor and continue to Suite 505.

We’ve streamlined the scheduling process with an online booking system, which allows you to book your online appointment in the most simple and convenient way. However, if you prefer, you can call us at 815-741-4343 to schedule your visit.