Learn more about the CROSS

The CROSS procedure is an incredibly effective yet safe, easy, no downtime, and cost effective treatment for acne scars. CROSS stands for “Chemical Reconstruction Of Scarred Skin”. It is the most effective treatment for ice pick acne scarring.

  • How is the procedure performed?

    In this procedure, a wooden applicator stick similar to a toothpick is used to apply Trichloroacetic Acid to the base and interior walls of the ice pick scar. This wounds the interior of the pit and in turn stimulates wound healing. Near complete elimination of the scar is routinely achieved. Any number of sites can be treated in a session. This treatment is essentially painless

  • How does this procedure work?

    The new tissue formation fills in and eventually closes the pit. This is a gradual process that typically necessitates 3-6 sessions.

  • After Care

    There is no wounding, only subtle crusting within the pit. Makeup can be worn immediately after and most patients would state they have no “downtime”.